Dynamics & Chord Symbol Playback

• Jun 30, 2020 - 19:40

I have been playing around the 3.5 Beta and LOVE the chord symbol playback, however, I noticed chord playback doesn't appear to be effected by Dynamics Symbols, but shouldn't it?

It isn't often that I incorporate dynamics symbols on a leadsheet but sometimes it enhances the score to use them, but of course I never had chord playback so my ears assumed the dynamics changes.

Of course it is entirely possible that option is available, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work?

If is isn't available and should be, would it be difficult to implement as either an additional choice in either the Preferences or Inspector?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


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I tried it on a score with dynamic symbols & chord symbols where the dynamics play back fine on the melody.

I used the Mixer to turn down the main instrument so I could more or less just hear the chord symbol playback and I couldn't notice any difference in the dynamics on chord playback.

Have a look at the file attached.

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So if I understand correctly, ONLY the when the piano is set for chord playback will the the dynamic symbols have effect? Because obviously, your example does work as I expected mine would.

However, am I wrong to assume it SHOULD work regardless of which instrument is chosen for harmony?

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I attached the two examples.

The example titled "Dynamics Test (Doesn't Work)" was created in 3.5 Beta. The Sound for both chords & melody is Tenor Sax Expr. As a test I muted the melody instrument in the mixer. When I play it, the chords sound but are unaffected by the dynamics symbols.

The example titled "Dynamics Test (Works)" was created by Jojo, I assume in 3.5 Beta. The Sound for melody is Tenor Sax Expr., however the chord Sound is Grand Piano. I tested his example the same way and the chords play and ARE effected by the dynamics symbols.

I tested both examples on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine.

Maybe the problem is with the Sound Font I chose for the chords?

As an aside and a Feature Suggestion:

One of the revelations I had when playing around with the Chord Playback is using it as a practice tool with the melody instrument muted and using the playback like a backing track. Obviously, that can be easily accomplished using the mixer, but it would be even easier with a Mute button on the toolbar to accomplish the same thing.

Just a thought...

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BUT, in the example you created, that doesn't happen, at least to me. Playing with the Mixer doesn't effect playback, the dynamics are not ignored.

As an experiment, I just tried taking my example that didn't work and I changed the chord Sound from Tenor Sax Expr. to Grand Piano like your example. When I did that, it performed exactly the same as yours which leads me to believe the problem is with using the Tenor Sax Expr. as the Sound for chords.

If that is indeed true, I guess someone will have to test them all...

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I just tested your theory regarding the problem being with the Expr. sounds. I used Church Organ Expr. for the chord Sound as an example and the dynamics DIDN'T work. When I changed it to just Church Organ, the dynamics DID work.

I tried the same experiment with Accordion Expr. and Accordion and the problem repeated itself.

It appears you are right, the issue is with Expr Sounds.

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