Assigning soundfont to articulation.

• Jul 1, 2020 - 03:02

Hello, I downloaded the VSCO 2 Orchestral sfz files, but I'm confused on how to assign the articulation to a soundfont, they come like "Violin Pizz, Violin Stacc, Violin Vibrato" and all all separate files. Thanks in advance.


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I'm here because I had essentially the same question ... as far as I can tell, the handbook sections you pointed to apply to instruments that already come with multiple channels, such as violin as defined (presumably?) in Musescore_General.sf3 -- but what if you're using another soundfont that has different instruments?

For instance, I'm using AegeanSymphonicOrchestra-v3_5-musescore.sf2 for a particular project, and it has separate presets for timpani (hit) and timpani (roll). I'd love to put these in the same staff, and control them by mid-staff sound change, but there doesn't seem to be any way to cause Musescore to treat one as a sub-channel of the other. Is that defined in the soundfont somewhere? Can it be set using Polyphone or something?

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subchannels are defined in the instrument, not the soundfont.

Have a look at the instruments.xml file for that. You can create a copy of it and include only your new instrument with additional channels definition in it (ie remove all other instruments). Then tell MuseScore to load it as an addition to the normal instruments.xml file in the preferences.

You can use the mixer to then assign any sound (from any loaded soundfont) to said channel.
So while the channel might be named "pizz" or "mute" you can use the mixer to assign the "Choir Aah" sound to it for example.

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