3.5 Beta: Time Signatures Text

• Jul 1, 2020 - 12:50

I noticed that when I want to apply a new text to a time signature, in a score with more than just 1 instruments, it will apply the new text only in the instrument's time signature I selected...

Also do you know how I can write this more elegantly: Screenshot from 2020-07-01 14-48-18.png


As for the final part of your query, it was the subject of a thread I started a couple weeks ago, complete with a load of replies questioning why one might want to use multiple time signatures in the first place! ( https://musescore.org/en/node/305902 ). When I write "6/8(2/4)" or the like, I create the second part by icons from the symbols palette (make sure you match your font!), which allows you to write parentheses which span both digits. BUT it's a pain in the ass (hence my thread.)
As for the first part, working with 3.4 yesterday, I had the same problem--some of the time. Other times, when using a CTRL-C copy, for instance, or adding another part, it seemed to work just fine. Go figure.

Yes, time signature properties apply to just that time signature. If you want to then apply that modified time signature to multiple staves, best to create a new time signature set up that way then add that to your score.

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