Position of Pauses in 1st voice while having cue notes in 2nd voice

• Jul 3, 2020 - 10:42

New bug (?) in the 3.5-beta version:
When I write cue notes in voice 2 and then choose all the whole-bar-pauses in voice 1 of this bars and set a vertical offset (Y) of 5 sp, until version 3.4.2 the choosen pauses were all hangig under the bottom noteline.
In version 3.5-beta they are anywhere, in most cases they are not on the same hight, some are even laying on top of a noteline instead of hanging under one, what even would have a different musical meaning.


The new feature is that you no longer need to add offsets to your rests in order to avoid collisions - they will now do this automatically. The bug is that if you did apply manually offsets, they will now make things look weird, because the default position is now already correct to begin with. This is fixed for the final release - manual offsets on rests will be interpreted to the (bad) old position, not the (good) new position.

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