Linked staff for Harmonica

• Jul 3, 2020 - 17:33

So I'm a harmonica player and setting up a new score. I added harmonica as the instrument and then added a linked staff with tablature. Looking for feedback on setting MuseScore up with harmonica since they are listed as a supported instrument. If someone has a score for Harmonica, that would be helpful.


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Thanks, thats a big start!! The guy who wrote "The Drummer Boy" score, put in his notes "I wrote this Before the plugin became available with the harmonica tabulature...". So there is supposedly a plugin for harmonica tabulature? Do you know where I could find the plugin?

So I managed to download the plug-in and install it. Now what? How do I get the element onto the score. I created a palette called "Harmonica" where I can drag elements to it, but where are these elements located. I know I'm overlooking something obvious.

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