Recovering old scores

• Jul 5, 2020 - 11:30

I wrote two pieces with Musescore and saved them to my ex-partner's PC. Also to USB.
After moving away from there I asked him to send the USB - he couldn't find it.

Since getting a new laptop, I've installed Musescore again but my pieces aren't visible on my account. I've tried looking at older versions as I couldn't remember which version I had used, but no luck.

In desperation I asked my ex to go onto his PC and save them again for me. He has deleted the programme!!

Does anyone know how I can recover these pieces or are they lost forever? Any advice on recovering them would be greatly appreciated.


Deleting (that is uninstalling) the program won't delete the scores, they would still be at the same place as you left them. unless he deleted those too.

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Hi franhughes121. I'm not part of the staff, just a regular user. The pieces are not stored directly within the program. Check the folder Documents->Musescore x.x->Scores. Maybe they are there. If not you could use the search box in the file explorer to find the location. Hope that helps.

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