Selecting all bars of a part

• Jul 5, 2020 - 15:09

Please could someone remind me how to select all the bars on a particular stave quickly - is there a keyboard shortcut?
Thanks, Ali


In reply to by Shoichi

Yeh, not quite what I need - I am repeatedly refreshing a piano reduction after making changes to SATB vocal parts. This means clearing the piano part (not deleting it) and then copying the vocal parts one by one down to the piano staves. (and using voice / swop to ensure correct assignment). This would be just that little bit easier if I could go down to the piano part and clear all the measures with a simple key combo. As it is I have to select the first measure then shift through to the last page keeping my Enter key down to make sure I have selected all the measures in each piano stave. Not a great hardship but would hate to think I'm missing a Ctrl key or something!

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