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• Jul 8, 2020 - 04:15

I have a score with a part that has an alto clef. I wish to change it to a bass clef. When I searched the handbook for change clef I didn't see anything that looked like it would be helpful.

I really would like to know how to do this, but this is just an example. I have not had much success locating the information to answer random questions I have. There seems to be something fundamental that I do not understand; is it the vocabulary of musescore features? How to use the handbook?

I don't mind trying to answer my questions by doing some reading, but there seems to be something essential I need to know to get me going down that path. What is it? What is the recommended method for getting ones arms around this powerful tool.


The best way to use the handbook first is to just read through it. You will get a sense of where things that you will need are.

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I didn't fully understand what you said Shoichi. After clicking on a clef and then pressing F1, it does take me to the relevant page in the handbook, so thanks very much again! This method will work well for objects, but not for such things as breaks I would guess.

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Thank you very much jojo-schmitz! That is the information I was looking for.

This also speaks to what I was saying about the handbook help. If you go to the handbook, then search in the handbook for clefs, the page you referenced doesn't seem to show up in the search results. Am I missing something, or do you agree?

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  • Select a clef in MuseScore, press F1, select the one for the MuseScore version you're using (but they don't differ a lot), there are only 2 links to choose from.
  • Open, search for 'Clef' (visually, skimming thru that page).
  • Use that search field or that handbook, enter "clef", you'd find it on the 2nd page.
  • Use the site's search, enter clef, it is the 1st 2 entries!
  • Read the entire handbook once, front to back. It is time well spent!

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"Use that search field or that handbook, enter "clef", you'd find it on the 2nd page."

Right you are! I assumed that the hits were from most to least relevant, so when I didn't see it on the first page I didn't bother looking at the 2nd page.

I think the search algorithm could be improved by presenting matches with handbook topics first, then moving on to more obscure hits, but that is just my opinion.

Anyway, thank you for talking the time to respond.

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I have read most of the Handbook but find the search facility a bit frustrating at times. Lately I've started using google's site search with much better results, like this: "site: clef" entered in your browser's search bar brings up hits with brief descriptions so it is easy to find the most relevant one.

I have the handbook as a bookmark button on the toolbar - once I have arrived at the home page I simply insert "site:" in front of the address and add my search term. It saves me a lot of time and frustration.

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