Player Roll

• Jul 10, 2020 - 03:19

How do I move what I see on the Player Roll Editor onto Player Roll Paper to put into a Player Piano?


Well, you probably wouldn't use the Piano Roll Editor within MuseScore specifically for this. Probably the way to go would be to export to MIDI than find some service out there that converts MIDI files to player piano rolls. I'm guessing such services exist, companies that specialize in making piano rolls.

You will probably need to import the music as a MIDI into free software "Noteur" and /or "MIDIBOEK" (Dutch site but in English) Google search will find also, the "Mechanical Music Digest" group will be able to assist and, perhaps, the COAA. Once again Google will be your friend. That will be the easy part - you will now need to find a way of perforating the rolls.

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