Set size pallets, inspector.

• Jul 12, 2020 - 17:50

How can I set the width so that it is not always changing?

MS constantly changes them from where they was when I shut down MS regardless of whether or not I have adjusted them in that session. It keeps making them narrower and I have to constantly reset them.


This shouldn't happen. Are other settings being remembered? I know there was a recent Windows update that caused a problem where MuseScore and other programs would not be able to save their settings properly because something got messed up in the naming of the user's home folder.

I guess maybe these settings wouldn't be retained if you are in a custom workspace and you explicitly disabled the setting to save GUI info.

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I probably am in a custom space - I rearranged the pallets and they come back in the same order.

Where would I find the GUI setting? I don't see it in preferences.

Edit: I may have found where. It's at the top of both windows??

Yes I found them, thanks. :) So many details to get right. It's just like writing a composition. :)

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