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• Jul 13, 2020 - 14:22

So I'm composing the "Benedictus" part of my mass and the first part of it is an aria for Soprano and organ obbligato, the second is an "Osanna" fugue for the whole ensemble. I'd like it to show the parts of just the Soprano and Organ obbligato for the aria and the parts of the whole ensemble for the fugue (you can further see what I mean in the attachment, the fugue begins on measure 40).

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I originally used a page break.
I don't understand what's written on the page you linked me, though, sorry XD. Maybe I need a little break, 20 minutes or so.
Either way, I did a lot of head-scratching with all of my hands and feet and different fingers and toes 1 scratch per finger/toe, and I still don't get it, how to do it. HELP

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And also, if I do "Hide empty staves" then I can't see the entire ensemble when some staves are empty, they just aren't shown and it's normal. The thing is, I want to see just the Alto and Organ during the aria, and the whole ensemble during the fugue even when some staves are empty. Is that even possible? If yes, teach me your ways :O

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Okay, maybe right now I'm being a dense cabbage, so please forgive me for this.
If I set the Oboes, Horns, S, T, B, Strings, etc. to "Never hide" that means they'll be shown in the aria, which is not good. Before m. 40 I need all the staves but Alto and Organ obbligato hidden; at m. 40 and till the end I need all staves but Organ obbligato visible even when they're empty (after m. 40 ofc).
It sounds impossible, doesn't it? It does. If I'm being a dense cabbage and I'm not understanding anything, please forgive me and let me re-read everything you've said. If I'm not, IDEK.

I have a similar question, but I want to hide a staff, even if there are notes in it. I'm trying to make a backing track for a cover of Auld Lang Syne, and want to make the strings/percusion invisible.

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