Thoughts on documentation going forward

• Jul 13, 2020 - 17:30

As we start planning MuseScore 4, I think we have an opportunity to rethink our overall documentation picture a bit. Right now we have the Handbook, the outdated MuseScore in Minutes videos (produced for 2.0 and never updated), my equally outdated Mastering MuseScore book, my more up-to-date online course, a mish-mash of various How To and Tutorial articles, and any number of other resources one can find online.

I am starting to form some of my own thoughts about what I personally might like to see and want to try to make happen for MuseScore 4. But I'm curious what thoughts others might have as well.


The handbook is generally very good, and comprehensive, but is more of a reference guide than a how-to guide. Maybe a whole chapter on common scenarios would be helpful. Sometimes, I know what I want to achieve and I know it's in the manual but I can't quite make the connection.

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Yes, I definitely want see something like this return. Although I think they can be improved to be less "feature" and more "use case" oriented - so one can see a bunch of features all relating to, say, creating a vocal score, or piano score, at once. One doesn't necessarily need five minutes just on articulations & dynamics - might be more depth than one needs. That's one of my thoughts, anyhow.

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