Dynamic playback bug

• Jul 14, 2020 - 10:13

Wanted to get some feedback, as it might sound slightly complicated.

With dynamic markings, they can be set as [stave/part/system]. With system, it is understood that it should affect the entire system: all instruments within that system. With that in mind, using a hairpin with a dynamic before it and then after (but after as in actually attached to the hairpin rather than attached to the next element), no matter whether the user changes the beginning dynamic and the hairpin to system, the latter-dynamic doesn't execute through the entire system.

It does only when the dynamic is not attached to the hairpin but rather when the dynamic is attached to the next element. This seems to be a big error if someone intends to use dynamics attached to hairpins extensively in a system wide fashion rather than per part!

Not sure how long this bug has existed, but wonder if anyone has some ideas about why this is happening. Maybe the dynamic that is attached to the hairpin gets its own property of "part" which is no longer accessible since it's only the hairpin that can have the setting changed to "system" and in turn it negates the "system" setting?

An included file if useful for demonstration and image:

Screenshot from 2020-07-14 02-10-49.png

If dynamic marks that have been attached to hairpins are maintained within the code, it seems they would need to be updated when the hairpin to which they are attached changes setting [part/system/staff] or if the hairpin already has been set different to have that become the setting of the dynamic mark when being attached to it initially, and that's probably not happening.

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