Getting rid of note heads (stick notion)

• Jul 14, 2020 - 16:23

How can I use stick notation with your software/ get rid of note heads


For what I understand by stick notation: write your notes normally all on the bottom line of the stave so that all the stems go upwards. Then, select one head, right-click and choose "select all similar elements". Then in the Inspector you can make all these heads invisible - you can still see them on screen but they won't print out. To make the stave lines and clef invisible, right-click in any bar (but not on a note), choose "Stave/part properties", tick the box for "Invisible stave lines" and untick the box for "Show clef". You can also hide the barlines and time signature here if you want.

I hope this helps - but you may be looking for something else entirely!

It is indeed not clear what you mean by "stick notation", but probably some combination of what the ideas mentioned here would be able to help. if you attach an image of what you are trying to do and explain how it is meant to be interpreted, we can advise better.

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