Feature Request: Multiple movements in one score

• Jul 14, 2020 - 19:06

I'd like to be able to have multiple movements in one score. Each movement functions like an independent score, but all movements are grouped together in one 'master' score. Each movement can have its own title and subtitle, and headers/footers can be different for each movement (ex. header/footer option of 'movementTitle' or 'movementNumber'). Movements can be exported individually, but the master score can also be exported. (Likewise for parts, in both each movement and the master score.) The export of, say, Violin I from the master score would result in a homogenous document that flows between movements. (Thus, for example, if the end of movement A has 2 staves at the top of the page, movement B can start on the same page, below the end of movement A.)


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Yes, that's what I'm currently doing as a workaround, but--
a) There's very poor navigation between sections. I have to use an extensive network of hidden rehearsal marks to get between sections. (And pressing 'home', for example, goes to the very beginning of the score, instead of the start of the movement.)
b) Footers don't display the movement title/number because it's not part of the metadata.
c) Having all these different section breaks and frames and everything slows down the program, causes it to lag, and sometimes results in crashes. If there was a feature for movements (like 'books' in InDesign), performance and stability would improve. (Hopefully.)

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Yeah, I saw the score you attached to the issue. Suggestions are welcome but I think there are other priorities (I'm just an end user).
Text management is not working too well and integration with a text processor will perhaps come one day. Try the Beta and also the Nightly (not for important work) to see if there are any improvements regarding your many requests.

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Thanks. I tried the beta, but it had the same problems with crashing during text editing. I'd like to think (or hope) that there are enough people out there writing musicals and operas (? maybe? still?) that having more stable (at least, if not feature-rich) text editing would be useful.

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Not today ;-)

No there isn't. We're trying to open up the direction and possibilities discussions right from the start. Coding on some internal support structures has begun, but think in the order of at least a few months before the first alpha-tech-preview.
Then add some more months.

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