Note color, shape plug-in

• Jul 15, 2020 - 15:58

Require plug:

1) fixed DO/ Aiken 7 note( That I can assign and change shapes to note that are unmovable)

2) Additionally, color Aiken fixed Do note shapes

3) Assign a color to normal note (that is done with current color plugin)

4) Additionally, have a note name (C,c#) within the colored note

Thank you


Thank you for your reply.

Boomwhacker plugin can be adjusted to different colors and saved for personal use.

However, the Aiken shapes on this page are movable DO and do not reflect the Aiken assignment to pitch (as the image I included ) I would like to assign a shape to pitch and have it be a fixed DO so they do not change at a key change. After that, I would like to color each shape.

Thank you.

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You are aware that most of what you ask can be done without a plugin as well?
Select a range, then right-click a pitch in it and use the Select→More dialog to filter only on notes of that pitch (or name) within the range. Then you can assign the notehead & color using the inspector.

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