Tied notes.

• Jul 15, 2020 - 22:02

I'm not sure if this should be a feature request or a bug report or what but can you please make it so that Musescore will playback a tied note without having to start at the beginning of the tie. As in, if I have the strings holding a chord across multiple measures (and the notes are tied and not slurred) and have the woodwinds playing a melody over them but they come in a measure or two after the strings start playing, I want to be able to hear the strings if I start the playback at the beginning of the melody instead of having to start at the beginning of the chord. If there is any confusion about what I'm asking for please reply and I'll do my best to rephrase it!


I inderstand perfectly, I try, and you are right (I am on MS 2.3) If you use Slurs, the note of the string are played but not if you tied. It's because MS needs the beginning of the note, if you tie 2 whole notes , they become 1 note of 8 times, not 2 notes of 4 times, so, the beginning of the 2nd note does not exist, there is no 2nd note, there is only one , during 8 times.
You have the same problem without tie or slur, have a look to my simple picture. If you want MS start to play on the first quater note, on the 3rd time, it does not play the whole note behind. au_clair_de_la_lune.png

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