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• Jul 16, 2020 - 01:11

Please could I request some improvements to lyric entry? In Sibelius 6 (still my go-to app), you can copy a block of lyrics from a document. It will automatically split the syllables up, and on successive presses of Ctrl-V it places a syllable under each note. Pressing space skips a note with a line extension after the last lyric; pressing hyphen does the same thing but adds hyphens under each note of the melisma.
This saves a lot of work over Musescore and is my single biggest reason for sticking with Sib 6 so far. Can a similar function be added to MS4?


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Some of it is possible, yes. But, to be Tantacrul for a second, every extra keypress multiplies up - "shift-space" is not "space", although I guess I could alter that in preferences like you suggested.
And the key part - auto syllable splitting - is not implemented except via a clumsy use of external software and notepad.

( Edit: last paragraph deleted because I discovered I was using it wrong, which is hardly Musescores fault...)

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If I am understanding correctly, except for the auto-hyphenation part, MuseScore already does what you describe. It's definitely a possibility that we'd incorporate an open source hyphenation utility someday (more likely than inventing our own, I'd say). But meanwhile, doing this in a separate program then copying and pasting with repeated Ctrl+V should work. I'm not sure what you mean by Shift+Space - that's for backing up a syllable, is that part of your usual workflow? But it should totally work to Ctrl+V a syllable at a time, take advantage of any existing hyphenation automatically, and only have to add the undescores.

Probably it will be easier to understand exactly what you mean with a specific example, though.

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