request to decouple lyrics and notes

• Jul 16, 2020 - 01:23

Hi all,

I'm a newbie with music notation software, an amateur musician trying to compose my own music.

That said, I really like MuseScore 3.0. I've quickly figured out a lot; although writing in Tab seems to be more challenging than in standard notation.
Coming to the point- i have read forum messages from 2012 and 2018 that are directly related.

Is there an enhancement possible, where once lyrics are entered, they can remain and not be deleted when the notes are changed (in either pitch or duration)? This is slowing me down a lot and frustrating me no end. I want to be able to change the duration and pitch of my notes, and want to be able to copy paste one measure where i have got the music right, to another measure where i have lyrics already in place but not the music.

But when i do that my lyrics disappear. Although i am not a professional musician, I really think this feature i request would benefit everyone.



Neither changing the pitch of a note nor changing its duration deletes the lyrics attached to it.
What does happen though is then when you overwrite an existing note (that has a lyrics attached) with another noted (same or different pitch, same or different duration), the lyrics gets lost.

So don't 'change' pitch/duration by overwriting it, but just select the notes and use the up/down arrows to change pitch and the numbers or icons to change their duration.
See and

There's also 2 modes, repitch and change rythm, see and

What does happen though and that is basically unavoidable, is that when make a note longer, so it 'eats' from the next note, the next lyrics vanishes

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