Treble Clef on Lead Sheet With Lyrics Prints in Wrong Spot

• Jul 16, 2020 - 15:48

I recently wrote up a lead sheet with two lines of lyrics. On the screen and in the generated PDF, the treble clef symbol appears in the correct spot, but when printed it centers with the lyrics. I've tried some basic troubleshooting (reflowing the song, adjusting spacing), and the effect is the same.


the PDF seems to not have been created by File Export, by via File > Print and some PDF printer (Quartz PDFContext).
A direct print (File > Print > HP OfficeJet 8620) on Windows 7 works just fine.
Printing out your PDF (via Adobe) works fine too

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Uhm, Ok?

MuseScore PDF rendering is broken on OS X.

If it's not a priority or a thing anyone is interested in investigating or fixing, then that's fine.

As a relatively new user who's trying to figure out how to integrate this software into their life, it's good to know where the limits of the software and the community are.

What version of MuseScore? I don't have a Mac either, but other developers do, and tons of other users do, and I'm not aware of any problems of this nature reported on any version of MuseScore in recent memory. If you are using a recent version (3.4.2 is current, 3.5 is imminent, with a release candidate available already) and are still seeing this, then I wonder if there is something else going on with you're system - like perhaps at some point you tried installing a version of the MuseJazz font but it's not compatible?

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