More Guitar Effect Options

• Jul 22, 2020 - 03:17

Can we have more guitar effects under the Mixer. Currently, there are some but they do not have important ones such as Wah Wah or Fuzz. I would also personally love a generic repeat effect (not the same thing as reverb) like how reverb and chorus works now, probably for all instruments. There are some other useful effects that I am certainly forgettin.


By default, we support what the General MIDI standard defines, so that any standard soundfont works. But if you find a specialty soundfont with additional guitar sounds, you are welcome to use it instead, and c change to those sounds using an "instrument change" text.

The mixer does not make new sounds but can only select from presets already defined in your loaded soundfonts.

You could try one of these speciality soundfonts:…

They are high quality and all have multiple presets so you may find something suitable.

Another place to try is:

Here's a real simple, (and small!), Wah Wah guitar soundfont:
Wah Wah Guitar.sf2_.txt
(You will need to remove the "_.txt" pseudo extension to use it)

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