• Jul 22, 2020 - 14:54

Considering that current situation has increased exponentially online teaching I think that a specific annotations tool is a must.
Marc Sabatella provided some workarounds in this video ( but while I easily can follow his instructions and customize my workspace that would not so easy for my students, and annotations are needed in both directions. (Also the suggested way to find annotations is not very compelling).
The idea of automated text indicating bars and parts to which it refers when inserting an annotation (see picture attached) seems very practical and I think something like this would save a lot of time and effort to many of us who are teaching online these dyas.

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I simply need a colorful pen that can draw lines, make circles or blocks... Like pointofix...etc.
But pointtofix can not project to meeting software like jitsi or google meet...

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Most of those programs have their own drawing tools, though. I'm not saying drawing tools couldn't be useful, but to me that particular usage - live broadcast - isn't one Musecore needs to solve separately. Instead, being able to actually add the annotations to the score seems more important.

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