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• Jul 23, 2020 - 02:15

Is there any way to have a Mark Tree on it's own staff where I can maneuver the note placement up and down and also add glissandos to show which direction to brush it?

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I would do this by notating it as a pitched instrument, say using xylophone or something else metallic. If you need the playback to be more accurate, you would need to find a soundfont that is set up that way.

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Last version of MuseScore is a great improvement, and I love it.
But things are still missing.
Marc, your solution for Mark Tree is not a really accurate solution. I mean... it may looks right, but when exporting to midi file for a DAW... It does not work.

The percussion part of an orchestral score is still a problem with Musescore
No Piatti, no mark tree with their dedicated staff template.
If only I knew how to code for MuseScore.... :(

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If I understand your concern correctly, you don't need to code anything, you just need someone to provide a soundfont that is set up this way for mark tree. Then you can use it directly using the notation already built in to MuseScore. Not sure what you are asking regarding Piatti, that looks like plain text to me, trivial to add with staff text if you like (and presumably using a cymbal sound in your drumset definition).

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