Slur situations

• Jul 25, 2020 - 03:12

1) Musejazz suffers from collision of slurs with its hooks:
1 - MuseJazz Slur.png

My custom font which utilizes a type of beam-style hooks also suffers this, but with a slight vertical-offset away from the hook it looks ok:
8 - Offset for hook with less angle.png

2) May want to revisit the stem cap at tip since I think they look bad (especially with Bravura, not shown here, since Bravura has its own "roundedness" to the hooks already):
2 - Stem Round Caps.png

3) Aside: Lilypond stem-cap is flatter and also: rounded ledger lines:
3 - Lilypond stem-cap-ledger.png

When fixing 1), I also figured to bring the slurs closer to the beams generally speaking so that they would be practically equivalent to the distance on the notehead-side.
4) Here they are by default:
04 - Slur beam group.png

5) This also applies when not only beamed but starting with beam and then ending with hook:
5 - Hook at end.png

6) Or a regular note:
6 - Stem after beam.png

7) Special case is that the slur aligns close to notehead when starting at the end of a beam-group which shouldn't be changed:

8) A special case that I wanted to change is that there's horizontal offset when slur starts with hook but ends in beam:
9 - hook-beam-horizontaloffset.png

And here afterward altered to fit my purposes:
10 - HookBeamNoHorizontal.png

The following is a smorgasbord of slur situations.
Before any alterations, with Emmentaler by default:

And then with the alterations and my 'personal' font changes:

If anyone has any comments or concerns or corrections of any ideas here, I'd really appreciate it. This is just for myself, but if I knew that others find the slur offsetting agreeable, I could later make a PR. I personally am for having what I altered (slur wise anyways) be part of MuseScore generally speaking. The code is a little hacky in that I added code dealing with floating-point offsets under specific circumstances rather than utilizing multipliers like in the code as it is, but it works well for me. Had a lot of problems at first since I had to be much more specific than I had initially expected when first making alterations, but I think I've got it down now.


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