Auto-formatting for N.C. chord symbols

• Jul 25, 2020 - 23:50

Could auto-formatting for sharps and flats be added to N.C. (No Chord) symbols? Ex. N.C./Eb would show as N.C./E♭ and N.C./F# would be N.C./F♯. This function already works for normal chord-over-bass symbols, of course, but it'd also be useful for No Chords that have a bass note or pedal.


This could conceivably be added, I encourage you to submit a formal Suggestion to the issue tracker this (see Support menu above)/

Meanwhile, though, you can enter explicit accidentals into any text using Ctrl+Shift+b and Ctrl+Shift+# (well, normally that's really Ctrl+Shift+3). So, if you wish to use this notation, just skip the chord symbol facility and enter as staff text. You can change the text style to chord symbol using the Inspector to get consistent formatting.

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Sure, I'll submit a formal suggestion!
I tried Ctrl+Shift+# as well as the changing staff text to chord text, but ended up with the same results: b instead of ♭ and # instead of ♯. I do have a current workaround, though, in which the N.C. and the /Eb are separate chord symbols and I adjust the offset to line up the /Eb. It'd just be nice for it to be a single symbol.

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