Split the Treble Clef form the Bass Clef in the same Grand Staff

• Jul 27, 2020 - 01:20

I want to make a worksheet for my piano student. I want to have a Bass Clef and then a space to write in and another Bass Clef. Is there a way to force the Clefs apart?


One way would be to create a new score with bass clef and 4/4 and just, say, 1 bar long. The bar will stretch the width of the page. Select the semibreve rest and press '6' to give two minim rests. Then select the second rest and add another clef from the palette. Press 'v' to make the time signature and rests invisible.

Or it might look better if you use two bars with a clef in each, and insert a horizontal frame (Add/frames) to create a gap.

It's not totally clear what you mean, but maybe you just need a spacer from the Breaks & Spacers palette?

If that doesn't help, please describe the goal in more detail, ideally with a sample score.

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