Odd phenomenon when you have different time signatures on Treble and Bass clefs.

• Jul 28, 2020 - 05:15

I don't know if this is a one time glitch I experienced or what, but I had a treble clef in 12/8 and a bass clef in 4/4. After entering notes in the treble clef, I tried moving some notes from one measure to another measure that already had notes but was not a full measure. Musescore would not let me cut and paste the notes into the other measure. I got a weird message about filling out the tuplet before moving the notes even though it wasn't a triplet. I know what 3 8ths in a 12/8 measure are a triplet in a 4/4 measure.
Another weird phenomenon is when I had 12/8 in the treble and 4/4 in the bass, then I reverse that (12/8 in the bass and 4/4 in the treble), the tempo speeds up by a third. Weird.


I'm curious how you actually do this, I am trying to put Amedee Mereaux's Etude op. 63 no. 19 into Musescore but a few measures, in particular, have the 16th note in the same bar (I've checked many different sheets for this piece and they all are written the same) and the time doesn't add up.

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Indeed, it's necessary to adjust the dot position manual here, easiest way select a note of voice 2, select "Dot 1" at the bottom inside the inspector, change the dot position from "auto" to "top". The same for the second note of voice 2.
Agree, probably could be improved.

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