Correct score formatting appears only after saving it

• Jul 28, 2020 - 13:09

Quite often, when I open my musical scores, the score shows with some incorrect formatting. When I save it to disk, even nothing was changed, it suddenly appears correctly.

This is annoing. For instance, when I want to make a screenshoot from a musical composition, if I forget on the mentioned problem and not save it,even nothing was changed, the screenshoot will be incorrect.

The formatting is usually not horribly wrong, perhaps positions of some elements are not correct.

I thing that this started to happen when automatic positioning was implemented and suspect that this happens for elements that I positioned manually.

I thought that this will be solved soon, but the problem is still here (I use version 3.5) so I decided to report it. Quite probably, someone else already reported this.

Best regards and let me mention I like MuseScore a lot and I'm very impationed to see the version 4.


Can you share a score showing such behavior and screenshots showing the differences so we know where to look? Ideally a screenshot after opening the score and another one after saving it.

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It looks to be caused by the relayout of you fingering elements. In particular those that have been dragged to appear on the left of a chord instead of above it.

It might work better to change their text style to "LH Fingering" instead.
Or to disable automatic placement on them, as they are quite close to creating collisions.

But I agree that this layout not happening on opening of the score should be considered a bug.

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Thanks. I hope this bug will be fixed.

In piano scores, fingering is quite often annotated on the left side of the chords, together with above and below of the chords.
Especially if chords are big and fingering is annotated in details like here. The reason is that not too much of vertical space is used.

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I see the subtle change on saving in 3.4.2. and 3.5RC. The change that caught my eye is that the first chord moves right by a small distance. However, the same thing happens when you make any edit, e.g. move a note in the second chord up. If you force a redraw by switching to and from continuous view before saving the change can't be seen on editing or saving. It looks like immediately after loading the score there is a redraw pending that gets done when the save button is clicked or an edit is made.

As there is no further change after an edit, it seems that the saved version will be the same as the user left it after the last edit. This is perhaps a slightly unsettling curiosity then, rather than something that breaks a previously perfectly crafted layout.

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It is rather unsettling that as soon as you do something the score gives a little hop and nothing you can do will make it hop back again to see what changed. But as I say, I think it is harmless, apart from the surprise. Perhaps there should be a warning for users of a nervous disposition :-)

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