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• Jul 28, 2020 - 21:02

I need to write for a G Fanfare Trumpet which reads in Bass Clef and is not included in the standard list of instruments.
I went to Programs/Musescore/instruments and opened the instruments.xml file, copied an existing instrument (Trombone), altered its name and pitch and saved the .xml file back into the folder.

The new instrument does not appear in the menu, so I removed the .xml file, re-opened Musescore and the existing instruments still appear which makes me think that the program is not reading in the file.
Am I doing something wrong?

Edited file is included - search for "daz"

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instruments.xml 519.98 KB


If you create an additional instruments.xml file it can be set in preferences to load "in addtion to" the internal one.
Only include your new instrument in the extra file.

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