Create custom "count-in" instrument?

• Jul 29, 2020 - 19:16

I'd love to know if the following is possible (and if so, how difficult it is):

I'd like to create a custom instrument, which would show in my list of instruments, which is named something like "Count-In." This instrument would have different samples (each about 0.5 seconds long or less). Each sample would be a voice (me) saying a different number, e.g. "1" and other common counting words like "and."

Each sample would be assigned to a different line or space of the instrument, just like the MS drumset instrument has different sounds for different lines and spaces.

I'd like to be able to add this instrument to any MuseScore file, then choose notes and rhythms in order to start a vocal count-in for any track at any tempo.

Is this possible? Easy? Difficult? Thanks!


You can do this with any instrument you have, as playback sound is not defined by the instrument itself, but by the Soundfont entry chosen for it.

So if you get yourself acquainted with a soundfont editor (Polyphone seems to be recommended around here regularly) and record samples of your voice, that program should allow you to associate those samples with pitches and turn it into a soundfont.
You can then load that soundfont into MuseScore and use it as you intend. Just be aware that nobody else than yourself will hear what you hear unless they also have your soundfont loaded. (Or for uploads to .com, make sure to upload the audio alongside the score)

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