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• Jul 30, 2020 - 05:27

Maybe I didn't, but I thought I sent a request asking why my 'uploading' feature was not working -
I tried two different PDF files, and got an error message with each one.
The first screenshot is the Conversion screen to whence I drag the files.
After 'dropping' I get the error message showing in the second pic.
-- Any ideas what the problem is? Thanks

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It would've been nice if you had read the sentence before and the part after the link I gave. Or have read the contents of that linked FAQ.

But perhaps English isn't your native tongue or I wasn't clear enough; what I indeed intended to say is that this forum is not the place for support question for that other site. For support with features of that other site you need to go to the forum/discussion group of the other site.

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jeetee - Yes, I am fluent in English; I'll match my command of the language with anyone in North America!
- and I do read all of the messages sent to me. Your link goes to another '' site, apparently, so why would I expect it to show information about "Audiveris?" However, I did look over the whole page, and found no clue that I was in the correct place - My reply to you was mainly to inform that I found no help there.
Does Musescore not have any contact information for 'Audiveris' ?

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The community has had some contact with the developer of Audiveris over the years, including on GSoC project where scores rendered by MuseScore were used to train the dataset for Audiveris.

No the link didn't take you to another .org site. It took you to an FAQ which (in combination with my first response sentence that "this isn't the correct site") explains the difference between the .org and .com platforms; which operate largely independently from each other since a couple of years.

Yes, if you click on the word "Audiveris" on the import page on .com you'll get taken to their github, which also includes an issues section.

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Thnx for the replies - In none of these links do I find a means of contacting anyone, or submitting a question.

In the 'github' link, I see a possible remedy - Do you recommend downloading the audiveris setup file - and would that replace the "Import PDF" function in MS?
Got to head out now - be back in a few hours.

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The "Import PDF" function in MS is just a link to the service offered at .com, so installing Audiveris locally won't change that.
However, if you install Audiveris locally, you can just run it directly and then open up the resulting musicxml in MuseScore.

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