Editing existing notes and rests in a measure

• Jul 30, 2020 - 19:17

I can't edit notes and rests (especially changing note duration) without unwanted rests appearing, or notes being pushed into the next measure. For example, if I want to change the duration of the first note in the measure, what is described above occurs. I don't see in the online handbook how to address this. Thank you.


Here is what happens for me.
If, in a measure with two half notes, I select the first half note and then select the quarter note button, the result is a quarter note on beat one and a quarter rest on beat two. If I do the same thing in note input mode, the result is a quarter note on beat on and beat two. Both results are to be expected ,as I see it. No matter what note duration I chose, no notes were pushed into the next measure.
Or is this too simple an example? Perhaps if you post a section of a score that you are having trouble with, it would help us.

MuseScore assumes that if you enter a note onto a specific beat, that is the beat you want it to appear. Going back and editing another note earlier in the measure will not by default change the beat for the other notes you already entered. This is usually a good thing - edits to one note normally shouldn't destroy the hard work you put in entering notes onto the correct beats.

For the cases where you inf act made a mistake or have changed your mind about what notes you want those notes in, simply select them and move them to the beat you intended them to be on, via cut and paste.

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