Image Capture: snap to size?

• Jul 31, 2020 - 14:33

Is there a way to automatically "snap" the Image Capture rectangle to exactly equal the size of the image being captured? Or must it be done by eye? I always like to minimize blank space on the four sides of the image, but fear if I cut it too close I'll cut off some part of the image by accident.


The image capture tool is not aware of the contents it is capturing, so no it doesn't snap (and it could become quite hard to get the intended effect as a staff is often longer than your selection...).

For clipping to image size, post-process your screengrab in an image editor suitable for such a task. GIMP for example has a "crop to content" feature.

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It should always snap to the contents of the page, like the name says. If you have some specific case where it doesn't, we'd need you to attach the score and steps to reproduce the problem, in order to investigate.

But in any case, this only helps if what you want to capture is a whole page - there is no way to snap to an individual measure, system, or whatever.

I've used tools like ImageMagick successfully to trim whitespace from around PNG's.

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Sure enough, I can reproduce with this score. I don't know that it is the frame itself causing the confusion, as I couldn't reproduce the problem in a similar score I created myself. I thought maybe it was the suppressed final barline, but turning barlines back on didn't fix it either. Turns out, it's the break that causes the issue. Remove it and it works. My clue was the frame actually stopped at the break, it didn't go to the edge of the frame.

Since the break doesn't add any value that IO can see here, that's a workaround for now. But feel free to submit a formal bug report to issue track on this.

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