Selecting play back start point

• Aug 4, 2020 - 07:37

1. Until recently if one wanted to go backwards in a score, one merely selected the point (a note) where you wanted to started play back then press play. Now that does not happen. It merely continues playing from where you were working. You have to try a second time and then it works.
2. For any other app if one presses play the playback starts immediately. Now with Musescore this does not happen. One has to double click on the Midi input icon, before playback will occur. In a previous version of MuseScore this never used to be the case.

Any suggestions please.



  1. I don't think there was a recent change in pause/resume behavior of playback though.
    (Re-)selecting something in the score will indeed reposition playback to start from that point.

  2. There should be no reason to press the MIDI input icon twice unless to completely restart the audio backend. It might be necessary for the first playback after opening MuseScore, but then shouldn't be for subsequent plays.
    Playback isn't instantaneous because MuseScore has to process the notes into audio the moment you press that playback button. Depending on the SoundFonts involved, this can take a few seconds.
    If this is just after launching MuseScore, then those seconds might become minutes if you have many SoundFonts that are still being unpacked in the background.

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