Crash when mixing triplets using more than 2 voices.

• Aug 4, 2020 - 21:00

I have sent in a couple of crash reports for this. (Forgot to attach scan of earlier success and how I wanted to change it).

Bar 35 is where I am having trouble. I had written it one way and then wanted to edit it to change a couple of notes. Basically to what is in the attached pic.

The first sign of trouble was when I deleted the voice 1 notes in the voice and was left with a whole rest and 2 quarter rests. That could not be resolved and so I inserted a bar to rewrite. I had not eliminated the ties into and out of the bar.

The treble line seems fine but when I try ro write the Bass clef stave it crashes.
I attach the splash when I tried to open it again. Bar 35 is the one I am attempting to replace, bar 36 is the replacement bar.

I am trying to place a 1/2 note A (2nd 2/3rd of the triplet) above the eb in the 2nd half of the bar, tied into the following bar.

Press n
Select the voice (3 or 4)
Press 6 enter 1/2 rest for the first part of the bar.
Rt arrow to the 2nd 1/2 rest.
Select 6 (or not, it still crashes).
Press Ctl 3 for triplet

Corrupted bar 35 message.PNG
A Cantar010.pdf

Attachment Size
A_Cantar_a_Bailar_Score Gm 214 redo.mscz 42.55 KB

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