Part Layout for Printing

• Aug 5, 2020 - 18:15

I am just about finished with my score and have generated one of the part sheets to see how it looks. What I find is:
1. The length of the part is 1 staff more than a full page.
2. Even after consulting the online help, I cannot figure out how to have a small page header with the name of the composition and the part name.

Regarding issue number 1, I have been able to play with some of the staff spacing to get the entire piece on one page, but do I have to do this for each part?

Also, I have tried using the "stretch" feature (using the '{' key), but this is rather limited in how much it will compress the measures. Can someone tell me a better way to make the measure layout less "airy" (i.e. reduce note-to-note spacing).

I apologize in advance. . . I am sure there are ways to do these things. But when you have such an amazing / flexible piece of software like Musescore, it is sometimes hard to locate the feature.

Thank you in advance!


PS: I am using the Win32 v3.5 release candidate.


Question 1: There are many ways to adjust the number of staves that fit on a page. You mentioned stretch. Another one is scaling by adjusting the Staff space in the page settings [Format]>[Page Settings]. Another is by adjusting the page style settings (note these is different from page settings) [Format]>[Style]>[Page]. There are many options here which are best described in the handbook here

"Do I have to do this for each part" - perhaps. It depends how different the parts are. Once you have found settings that work you can "apply to all parts" but if you have a florid flute part say with bars full of 1/32nds and a bass part going four to a bar, the chances are that they will need different settings.

Question 2: Use a page header [Format]>[Style]>[Header, Footer]

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