Last 3.5 update brokes/change behavior of the crescendo/velocity Playback

• Aug 7, 2020 - 22:05


Here, the last update brokes the velocity effect when I draw a crescendo/descrendo. I was using sometimes global, but sometimes velocity effects only on a part of the score; the bass piano clef. When I use global crescendo after that, it looks like the previous velocity on part is still blocked on its previous state, because the crescendo doesn't make effect on the bass piano. In the previous version, it was following the global crescendo (which is the normal behavior) I guess something changed, and its very annoying. I might consider back in the previous version.

I might do an audio comparison, the difference is clear, but I guess everyone using partial nuance effect on a clef instead of the global score has now that issue.


In order to investigate, we would need you to attach the specific score where you are having trouble with crescendos. Also say if you are using any non-default soundfonts or other non-default settings in Vierwe / Synthesizer. It definitely works in general.

BTW, do be sure you didn't accidentally set the playback range of the marking to be just "staff" in the Inspector.

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