Latest update. Won't play repeat.

• Aug 8, 2020 - 01:12

When I opened MuseScore today, it said there was an update. I started the update within the program, then closed it for the update to continue.

I'm transcribing a piece of music for an online book. I'm notating both piano and strings parts. When I'm finished, I'll hide the strings and mute the piano.

I can't get the repeat to play. Both the Repeat button and the Pan Score button are clicked. I've deleted and reinstalled the repeat bars. I've also gone to the main MuseScore page and downloaded the latest installation again. I selected Repair.

Am I missing something? Thanks! <3

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I had the same issue. plays right through the repeats. It also wouldn't let me add a volta in the second instrument. it kept placing it on top of the volta belonging to the staff on top of the score. I uninstalled it and reverted back to - which was the last version i downloaded and installed prior to 3.5

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Thanks, bobrushing. Sorry to hear you had the same problem, but at least we know it needs a patch.

To the Wizards of this great enterprise, I don't see a previous version of MuseScore in my recycle bin. I'm assuming the update wrote over the version I had. I'm going to keep working on my project with what I have. If a patch is going to take a while, would you make a previous version available on MuseScore's page? I'll download and use it until this one is in working shape again.

Thanks for everything you do. You're the BEST! <3

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the install file should be in your downloads folder. i have about ten old install files for muscore in mine. i don't delete them just for the purpose of reverting back to the last known working version. my experience has been new versions always have something that wasn't caught by a developer. i learned this strategy many years ago the hard way. depending on the developer, it's best to wait about a week or two before installing an update. musescore developers are usually very responsive to bug complaints. so much better, they are more responsive than many commercial developers.

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AHA! There it is! Learn something new every day around here. I'm a compulsive deleter of things I don't think I need. Haven't looked at my download folder in a while, so the previous version is still there.

Thanks, bobrushing. That's a great tip. I'll be saving old install files going forward. <3

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