2nd ending will not display correctly

• Aug 8, 2020 - 03:07

Look at the 2nd ending on measure 65 on the attached part. No matter what I do with it, I can't get the line right. It was fine yesterday in the old version, but, after installing the new one, this happens. Sometimes expands to include the next measure, sometimes goes higher than the 1st ending; I can't bring it back down w/o deleting and inserting it again. I've tried shift+ l/r arrows, ctrl+ arrows, dragging, nothing works.
For what it's worth, this is only a problem on this part and one other, and not on the score itself. Odd.
Thanks as always!

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Both multimeasure-rest and Volta code are problematic (bug).
Try playing the 2nd volta's center handle while the Multimeasure rests is active. There are extreme up and down shifts.
When Multimeasure rests is off, it's necessary to reset the values from Inspector to defaults and to turn the autoplace off and on once when the second volta is selected.

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That works, Ziya. Kind of clunky, but it gets it looking decent. You are saying that this will always happen when a multi-measure rest follows? That is born out in that only those parts which follow the 2nd volta with a multi-measure rest are affected on my score.
Thanks for the workaround--I hope someone can figure out how to eliminate it.

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