Select all staves

• Aug 8, 2020 - 15:06

Is there any way to select all staves? I see that there is a ENUM, but otherwise I have no idea how to access them.

Also, are there new things concerning QML in for 3.5?
Will there be a dedicated page for that anywhere?

Thank you!


Thank you, Jojo, for your response! Does anybody else from the team know, if there are new QML features available with 3.5? Is there a documentation anywhere?

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I did that, of course. If I remember there are only 2 entries referring to QML. Not much. And noting says anywhere, whether e.g. imports changed (which you already answered, but it should be documented).

The whole QML thing needs more love. I would like to help by providing something like tutorials, but I first need to know, how that stuff works.

(Background: I leave Finale. There I did a lot if Lua. Musescore is great, but lacks a lot of features, some of which might be covered by plugins. However, the documentation is not at all user friendly, if I may be honest.)

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