Guitar having channels like the violin family?

• Aug 8, 2020 - 16:37

When writing in a rock or metal style, it's common for guitars to change pedal configurations and tones midway through a piece. Most of the time inserting staff text with the pedal change is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not advocating a full range of tones and pedals or whatever like a DAW, that's not really what notation software is meant for.

However, clean versus distorted guitars is a pretty big tonal change (and in a lot of the rock idiom is a playing style change as well), and I'm suggesting the electric guitar to have midi channels like the violins/trumpets currently do that allows for the sound to change via staff text. Maybe just a "clean", and "distorted" setting that can be toggled.

While certainly not necessary; after all I could A: use two guitar parts and just hide the one not in use in the main score, but doing the part score for that seems like it would have it's own set of problems or B: use my imagination for the sound change; it would make writing in the rock and metal idiom slightly easier and smoother, at least for me. What are some of everyone else's thoughts?


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Electric Guitar, current build I literally just downloaded it, and yes I choose my instruments for the score and wrote the score myself.

I have a staff text, and when I right click on staff text properties, there is only one channel unlike the violin which has 3 (bowed, pizz, and like trem?) or trumpet which has 2 (standard and mute).
I select midi voice one, and the drop down to the right only has a normal channel. As far as I can tell, this isn't in the program. You're telling me that it does? How could I access that functionality? And if it's not usable with the standard Electric Guitar instrument under the choose instrument drop down, then I guess I'm requesting that it indeed be usable?

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Wait a minute...when I choose a score template it works fine, but not when I make the score myself? I never use templates so I guess this feature set has eluded me but why only in templates?

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Yeah, this might be easier if I share the file. Maybe my copy of musescore was corrupted? Maybe the file itself?

I never really bothered writing in sound changes as I've only ever used musescore for my own reference when composing, not really to share parts with other musicians (until now) so I haven't had a need to actually write in things like this.

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