Option to view only the notation workspace

• Aug 8, 2020 - 19:04

I would like an option that would allow me to see a larger notation workspace during playback. In essence I would like to temporarily hide the Notation palette and also hide the main top palette (File Edit ... ) so that I can use see more of the score. Most the Celtic music I play fits on the screen. In other words I would like to have the option to use Musescore just to see the score without any other panels


Thanks Shoichi, That kind of works but there is a lot of un-clicking and re-clicking to do: Palettes, File operations, play back, image capture, Note Input, Workspace. I would like one-key operation like F-10 or Ctrl - something

I would like to be able to use Musescore as full screen viewer for my music, instead of having to print it out and use my music stand.

Create a custom workspace using the "+" button next to the workspace control at the far right of the main toolbar. Select toolbars & gui components as options in the dialog. Now, you can customize this as you see fit, and change back and forth between that and a standard workspace in a single click. I have this set up as "Presentation" and it's really nice to be able to switch easily.

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It's possible, no doubt, if enough people request it. But what went wrong when you tried it? I've been using this for months now with no problems except a couple of my own doing because I'm constantly reinstalling different versions and trying different customizations in order to reproduce problems reported here.

Thanks Marc for that suggestion. The first time I tried it ... I added new workspace (name: Full Screen) with none of the extra components ticked and then unchecked all the extra view panels I got my full screen view but the advanced and basic workspace also were changed to full screen view. Next try was: I added new workspace (name: Score) with all of the extra components ticked and then unchecked all the extra view panels and it worked. I now have a workspace that shows the notation in full screen mode with just the top menu showing File Edit View .... etc The only thing missing is I want my Basic workspace with 70% view and my my full screen "Score" view at 80%

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