Adding Just One Soundfont; Reassigning all Voices?

• Aug 9, 2020 - 00:34

So I'm looking to add just one or two soundfonts. It seems that adding any soundfont requires me to reassign all voices to their previous selections. Is there any way I can just add one soundfont and manually assign it ? Is there also a way to keep the voices currently selected assigned to each instrument respectively ? Seems like any time I try to add a soundfont, they all automatically assign to the sound I've added.



If all the soundfonts you are using follow the International Standard General MIDI list of patches (instruments), you won't have problems with this topic, because the same instruments will have the same number assignation, so... If you have a violin in the channel 1, it will sound as violin whatever the soundfont you use. The problem is when you use some soundfont that doesn't follow that standard. There are a lot of soundfonts with this problem. In the last case... You will have to test and reassign the instruments according each soundfont.

In the list in the synthesizer, move the soundfont you just added one below the old sounfont you used.
Thus, you preserve the patch sounds of the previous soundfont.

Then select the sound you will use in the new soundfont from the mixer. The first soundfont is above. Keep scrolling down. When that soundfont's sounds are finished, the other's begins. You usually know this when you see the "... piano" 'patch' in the middle of the list. So the sounds of the second soundfont you add are also below the first in the mixer.

And if you add a third soundfont, you have to move it to the bottom on the synthesizer. Thus, you will preserve the sounds you set for the first two. And the sounds (patches) of this soundont will also be moved under others in mixer.

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