Can I replace the 2nd volta in this score?

• Aug 11, 2020 - 17:19

The bars 47 to 50 are a repeat of bars 1 to 4, Is there any way of using jumps so that I can eliminate these 'redundant' bars?

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47 & 1 are slightly different, but that's not too important to you ultimate question. With the already complex road map (jumps and repeats) used in the score, it is far better for the performer to leave it as it is rather than trying to tell them to jump back to the beginning of the song for 3 or 4 measures then return to where they jumped from. The amount of paper needed to print this would not be impacted if you did find a way to do that jump.

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No, it's not too complex in my opinion, I would understand exactly what you are trying to do. The problem is that you can't add a jump (D.S. or D.C.) or repeat like that in the existing score and have it make sense. If you had no D.S. al coda in your score already, then it might be an OK idea to use one in that case but I question the logic of using one to avoid writing out 3 measures.

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