Bug: Hotkey for "Open recent" not working in version 3.5

• Aug 12, 2020 - 05:15

In the pull down menu item File / Open Recent, the indicated hotkey for performing this action is Alt+R.

First of all, many of the other hotkeys under the File pull down menu make use of the Control key rather than the Alt key. In addition neither Alt+R or Control+R work to activate the "Open recent" item.



Are you pressing Alt+F before you press Alt+R? You need to activate the File menu for Alt+R to expose the recent files. If you look at other menus, like Tools and Help, you will see the same Alt key (M in this case) will do different things if their menus are active.

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If I first open the File menu with Alt+F, then I only need to hit "R" to activate the "Open recent" item (i.e., it navigates there by first letter navigation as expected). I do not have to hit Alt+R.

For other items under the File pull down, for example, one can just hit the hotkey without having to hit Alt+F first to open the pull down menu. For example, without opening the File pull down menu, hitting Control+O brings up the Open dialog for navigating to the folder where one wants to open a file.

So I am curious why Alt+R doesn't work the same way. This doesn't seem consistent.


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