Score reverted to previous version after crash

• Aug 14, 2020 - 04:42

I was working on something for about a week, today I finished it but Musescore crashed and it reverted to the version from yesterday, which is about 20% of the whole thing, I've searched through the recovered files and it's not there, is there any way I could recover it?


Probably not now.

It sounds like you chose "No" when MuseScore asked if you would like to restore your previous session so the auto save version of the score you were working on would have been deleted.

If you had auto save turned off, then only the latest score you saved will be on the drive along with an older version that is hidden.

It's probably too late for this score, but for the future, save often. It's always good advice.

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The most likely situation is that you hit the wrong button, but it's not out of the question that something else happened. If so, then hopefully the crash report will help the programmers find the problem and fix it.

There is a possibility that the auto save version is still on your computer. See on info about those files. It seems complicated, but follow the instructions closely and they're your best chance to not have to redo 80% of your score.

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