Measure numbers below the system

• Aug 15, 2020 - 06:33

I was so excited to see the update give the option to have measure numbers centered below the staff. Then I tried it out on a quartet. The measure numbers are not written below the system, but below the Violin 1 staff. I tried adjusting the Y-axis as a workaround, but it just pushes the other three staves lower. This was SO CLOSE to being a useful upgrade. It works beautifully on individual parts, but the full score is a let down.


Seems as though measure numbers below still hasn't been fixed.
I tried the time-consuming workaround of putting them on every stave and then hiding all but the bottom ones, but there is a strange bug where the drum crescendo hairpins don't want to go above the measure numbers.
Does anyone have advice on how to overcome this or can it be addressed in an update please?

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Greetings all! New to MuseScore, 20+ years with Fi...another program. I'm beginning the learning curve here and I'm awed by what y'all have accomplished.

While I'm late to the party on this request, some sort of "show measure numbers on bottom staff only" button would be great for us classical score guys, so please consider its addition. The posted workaround didn't work for me - while the measure numbers were hidden, the auto staff spacing still considered them to be there, although there's likely a way to fix that I've yet to discover.

Again, congrats on a great program. If I can get used to it I can finally go Linux exclusively and forego that pesky windows partition!


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