Want to Rollback to version 3.2.3, installer gets closed because of "newer version" [version was rolled back]

• Aug 18, 2020 - 03:31

I've had a number of issues with 3.5 that are too long to deal with such as repeats being ignored, stacattos being imported without reset positioning, the playhead going offscreen randomly in continuous mode, and the new smooth playback option being way too choppy to read. I have to use xml imports from Finale in order to present them in a more professional manner, but they have been really buggy with this version. Sta

There's tons of issues I just didn't have in the previous version. I cannot sit down and take time to repeat all of these bugs, I have a production schedule and need these things working right away.

How on earth do I actually uninstall 3.5, or how do I force the 3.2.3 installer to ignore the latest version so I can have both if they are each so apparently amazing???

Edit: I finally got it out with control panel's uninstaller options.

I'd love to sit down and help eventually crack some of these bugs when I have the free time. The first thing I can simply say currently is that .xml music imports are currently having issues with 3.5 and I just didn't have it quite as bad in 3.2.3.


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