For the future... (probably Vrs. 4)

• Aug 18, 2020 - 13:38

For different, voices in a measure, we can be able to change the position of the notes automatically (as well as the cross-staffed dissonance issue we find all the time), even despite of the individual notes. Very disturbing, and frustrating when you are trying to transcribe a piece (especially a Beethoven piano sonata). I am on a different computer, so I will send a mscz. file later.


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For voice 2-4, we would have a quicker way to move the note into different possible places, even if voice 1 has a dotted quarter note. Look at measure 7-8 in this reference (IMSLP file). MuseScore would not allow that right now unless we manually, sloppily move the note (chord) in voice 2. In different, more serious cases, for measure 8, even if I added invisible notes in voice 3 or 4 (because I am not satisfied with the playback of the original turn ornament), it would mess up the notation of the voices 1 and 2. I experience that with the trills also, and it is fairly upsetting. It is kind of stupid, so it is pretty hard for me to elaborate more. Still let me know.

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It seems to me you are talking shared note heads. MuseScore does not automatically share note heads when they are different in a few situations and only shares note heads if both have stems

  1. If one is dotted and one is not
  2. If one is open and one is not

Of course if one is dotted and open it won't automatically share with a closed note (like a 1/4 note or less).

To fix this, select only one note head and press v to make it invisible, MuseScore will then automatically share the note heads. Note that you don't want to make a dotted note head invisible because the dot will become invisible as well. You also don't want to make an open note head invisible because you will have no idea it's supposed to be opened.

There is no need to use the inspector to move these notes. That is awkward.

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But what if for different note lengths on the same note (different voices), we want it on the other side of the note? Ah... Now we are talking about new features. It is a very stupid request, but when transcribing (especially piano sonatas), the case is very disturbing.
Also, with what you are saying, would that help the invisible voice 3 and 4 notes that represent that ornament?

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I think you are talking about when the note heads are not shared by default. There is no simple swap positions command for the two notes and swapping voices and stem directions doesn't fix this situation either. That has been brought up in the past and I think there is an issue for it. Sorry, I'm currently recovering from having my power out for 2 hours so I'm not taking the time to look right now.

As for the invisible notes to make proper playback of ornaments, I'm not sure if @BSG has made this easier with his plugins but I know there have been requests to make this possible as a native feature for MuseScore. With the goal of turning MuseScore into a music composition program I can't imagine playback of ornaments in version 4 can remain as bad as they currently are.

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