Will Musescore continue with a 3.5.x branch?

• Aug 20, 2020 - 14:27

I just found in the development builds page, the 3x section completely disappeared, and I can only access the Master builds. I'm wondering if Musescore will now begin solely on the v4 development. The problem is, now the Master is completely unusable with screen reader due to a lower version of QT which will bring crashes and I can't move a single note in it using NVDA. If there's only a Master branch left, unless it integrates with QT 5.12, I'll no longer be able to test its new functions such as Musicxml improvements. Is the 3x section temporarily or permanently removed? Thanks!



There haven't been any commits to the 3.x branch after the 3.5.0 release, but there soon will be, when work on 3.5.1 starts

But indeed master should rather update to Qt 5.12.9, and as far as I can tell that is the plan.

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